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Le 6 septembre 2013, 09:36 dans Humeurs 0

Lead: how can the less shoe boots companionship, neither let your lower body bloated obesity but also modified leg line , kill two birds with a single product who does not love it ? Miranda - can children minidress sexy hot , Tall Boots Givenchy bag with elegant , pleasant. supermodel dressed in black and white mosaic knitting Ho Sui dress paired jackboot , Shoulin YSL Cabas Chyc handbag. Anna nike tn requin Dello Russo Jianpi white fur coat , which take the black leather skirt + black open-toed jackboot . Madonna second home " Hard Candy " Fitness Center opened in Moscow , lace dress , cross necklace ,nike tn Requin, Chanel leather gloves, nike tn 2013 jackboot overbearing .

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Le 6 septembre 2013, 09:31 dans Humeurs 0

Metropolis Daily News ( Reporter correspondent Gao Xiang Rosie ) beriberi summer this is a common skin disease,air max pas cher, reporter yesterday visited several hospitals River City was informed that the recent increase in women suffering from beriberi , because most are wearing long boots cause. winter, warm and comfortable boots become Ms. Yang 's favorite boots almost every day last month leave her feet , until recently feet peeling, itching and discomfort , she was a doctor to the hospital dermatology , the doctor said to be afflicted with beriberi . doctor explained , beriberi tn requin pas cher school called tinea pedis , is fungal infections, fungi like warm , moist environment , and now women often wear high boots tightness , poor ventilation , damp boots become the fungus breeding ground , easily lead to athlete's foot attack. She reminded the public not to wear the same pair of boots every day , boots should be kept dry, dry. ( internship Editor : Zhou Liuqing )